The Techie Drever

You have to love technology.
Hunting with a Drever these days is often done with the dog wearing a GPS collar.  Not a tall dog, once into the tall grass, a Drever can disappear. A GPS collar not only enables the hunter to hear their dog’s alert, but they can watch them work the trail. A simple glance at the screen reveals how far away the dog is in yards, and a helpful arrow points in the dog’s direction. Some GPS dog collar systems enable the owner to mark spots for future reference, synch it with a topo map, learn how far the dog ran in a day, and more.
These talented hunting dogs are known for their keen nose, strong work ethic, and amazing endurance! Even though they have the ability to run faster, they have the perfect trailing speed especially for deer which doesn’t overly stress the deer. It’s no surprise that the Drever has become one of the most popular deer hunting dogs in Sweden.
Image photo by Cynthia Seeling

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