They’re Loud.They Target Little Furry Things.They’re Stubborn. And We Love them

Given the chance, these dog would work from sun up to sun down with enthusiasm. Did we mention that they need lots of exercise because the breed is built for endurance?
They’re loud. They bawl from instinct, they bay because they can, and you can hear both when they’re in the field. From another county. In another state.
Squirrels, possum, little furry things – they’re on notice. These dogs will target them mercilessly.
They can be stubborn. As in Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”
So who on earth would want to live with a Treeing Walker Coonhound? Absolutely anyone who appreciates a handsome dog with a strong work ethic, good “tongue,” and a determined drive that’s coupled with lightening speed and competitive nature.
“Walkers” are the “hustlers” of the Coonhound world. They tend to dominate at Coonhound field events, and their devoted owners wouldn’t live with any other breed. If you’re a Walker owner, show us your pictures?
Image: Treeing Walker Coonhound Dog by Olde Time Mercantile
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