The Top Names of 2016 – but Where’s the Breed?

With the end of 2016 growing closer, has released its list of the year’s most popular dog names. The fourth annual report found that for Americans, human names still dominate, but Pokémon and Hamilton also inspired names:


In the list of names inspired by pop culture, monikers inspired by the HBO fantasy juggernaut jumped 16% over the past year, with the top three being Arya, (Jon) Snow, and Khaleesi, while Netflix’s freshman sci-fi series, “Stranger Things” contributed “Eleven” and “Barb” to the list. Names tied to the USA hacker series saw a 12% spike, namely “Elliot” and “Darlene.”  Names inspired by the musical, “Hamilton,” went up 96%, Harry Potter names, such as Luna, Harry, and Dobby haven’t much faded, but Pokemon Go gave us names like, “Haunter,” “Skitty” and “Bayleaf.” rounds out its 2016 report with trends, the rest of the 100 most popular dog names, popular dog names by cities, and trends, all of which you can see here, but what it didn’t touch upon is name popularity by breed. Surprisingly, we found only one source that correlated the most popular dog names in the US by breed for 2016, but the list is limited to the most popular breeds (we also came across one for Australia that you can see at the bottom of the page here). You tell us!  What has been the most popular name in your breed regardless of year?

Image of “Marlene,” a Newfoundland (whose name didn’t make the top 100) by Diane Chandler 

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