Want To See a Braque du Puy? You Can’t, It’s Extinct

We’re always delighted to share different breeds with you, particularly ones that are new to some of you. Sadly, some breeds are out of our reach, they’re extinct – something we’d like to prevent happening to other breeds, and make no mistake, some of our dog breeds are in trouble

Back in the day, France had popular pointing dog known for its speed, elegance, and sighthound-like lines. Known as the Braque du Puy, or DuPuy Pointer, the breed was said to have been created in the 19th century by the du Puy brothers who crossed their Braque Francais dog with a Sloughi (though some opine that it’s more likely that the fellas actually used greyhound-type dogs). The Braque du Puy is now considered extinct, but occasionally, rumors surface that some of these dogs still exist in remote pockets of Europe.

For a list of native dog breeds of the UK that are vulnerable, click on the link (and vow with us: NOT on our watch): http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/getting-a-dog-or-puppy/finding-the-right-dog/vulnerable-native-breeds/

3 thoughts on “Want To See a Braque du Puy? You Can’t, It’s Extinct”

  1. In our region, Netherlands as well as Belgium a number of dog breeds vanished during the past decades. Some of them revived, like the “Hollandse Smoushond”, the “Kooikerhondje” ands more recently the “Markiesje”. Really extinct is the “Friese Windhond”, a Greyhound type dog used fot hare hunting. The breed could not compete with the English Greyhound, but when the type of hunting with hounds was forbidden in the Netherlands, it was exit for the “Friese Windhond”. In my antique Dog Encyclopedia ( dated from 1939 ) is a picture of the “Epagneul Belge” dispite the name a pointing dog that looked a lot like the “Epagneul Francais” and like the Dutch “Drentse Patrijshond”. The picture is to small to copy so i made a drawing to show how it looked like. Also gone is the “Matin Belge” a big Mastiff- like breed expecially bred by the Belgian Army to tow carts with light machineguns and supplys. It even had its own special pedigree written in Flemish, and therefore impossible to translate. Also a drawing of this extinct

  2. How sad to have lost these breeds, Elly (but wow, you are a very good artist!!) . Thank you for sharing this information with us, tragic as it is.

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