What a Poodle and a Kardashian Have in Common

Who knew.

A term we had always associated with dogs is also “a thing” in people, and in particular, celebrity women like Khloe Kardashian and Chloe Ferry who made “it” famous.

“It” is a dramatic shape of one’s posterior, a pair of buttocks some would describe as exaggerated. Enhancing one’s “bum” has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, and it has a name, the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure increases the size and shape of one’s bottom while removing fat from other areas of the body.

The more common name for protruding buttocks, however is shelf butt, so named because the ‘butt cheeks” are almost to the point that one could use them as a shelf.  We can almost see it happening at brew pubs where pets are allowed; instead of, “Here, hold my beer so I can pet that dog,” it would be, “Hey, turn around so I can set my beer on you and pet that dog.”

We fell down this rabbit hole while reading about slang terms in the dog world, and one of them is “Shelf Buttocks,”  a term used to refer to the protrusion of the buttocks behind the base of the tail. This can be seen in several breeds, but especially the Poodle where certain trims show off the point of buttocks.  Some handlers stack their dog so that the point of the hock extends past the point of the buttocks because with correct structure, it shows the hock as being short and perpendicular to the ground per the Poodle’s breed standard.

Poodle image by ©Natallia Yaumenenka |Dreamstime.com


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