What Were They Thinking?

Did you happen to catch the University of Texas and University of Georgia football game yesterday? It was the Sugar Bowl, the last bowl game of 2018.

These two schools have two of college sports’ most famous and beloved live mascots, “Bevo,” UT’s big longhorn steer, and Georgia’s “Uga,” a Bulldog with an equally long tradition. We’ll take the high road and suggest that what happened before the game was a result of  “Bevo” being unwilling to let all the smack talk happen on the field since the steer took issue with Ugo’s proximity to his “stall.” Things went south quickly. Check out the video here (and turn up the sound).

Maybe there’s something to “genetic memory,” the idea that memories can be part of a genome over long spans of time. Perhaps some part of Bevo’s brain instinctively knew that historically, Bulldogs were never friends with cattle.

Those of us who choose not to take the high road when seeing this incident can only muse, “What were they thinking?” when they put a Bulldog near a steer.

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