Plott’s Unique Standard

You know that feeling when something comes along to prove your point and makes you feel really smart? We’re having that moment.

– Pausing for a moment of smugness –

Not long ago, we wrote that the Plott is the only breed we’re aware of that has a breed standard specifically allowing the presence of an identification mark on its rump used to identify the dog when out hunting. In December, 2015 at the Eukanuba Championship, we literally did a double-take when we saw this Plott enter the ring. The photo could be better, to be sure, but we snapped the picture hurriedly last the dog vanish before we got the chance.

We defer to experts, but it’s our impression that this “brand” was applied using “freeze branding,” a method that minimizes pain and is far safer than any other means. Why “label” the dog at all? Theft, mostly. A good hunting dog is a marked dog. Ear tattoos simply inspire “bad guys” to crop off dog’s ear. Microchips are great, but only if the “bad guys” allow the stolen dog to get near a scanner. There’s always tattooing the inside of the dog’s thigh, but then you might as well “freeze brand” because it’s more humane.

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