Mispronouncing Berger Picard

Pyu-lee. It’s like fingernails down a chalkboard to a Puli owner, but if someone has never actually heard the word pronounced, how are they to know? Over the years, we’ve heard all manner of breed pronunciations, from “Bichin’ Frisbee” and “Rockweiler,” to “Dash Hound” and “Burmese Mountain Dog.”  We suppose “Burger Pikkerd” owners are equal parts amused and frustrated at how their breed’s name is pronounced. For the record, it’s “bare-shay-pee-car,” but you could also say, “fab-u-lous-dog” and still be right.

Berger Picards are thought to be the oldest of the French Sheepdogs and came into northern France on a really dark, rainy night  during the second Celtic invasion of Gaul.

As registries sprang up in the mid 1800s, these herding dogs were initially put into different categories. The long haired dogs (Briards) and short haired dogs (Beaucerons) were acknowledged, while the mid-length coated dogs were ignored for a time,  but not for very long. These dogs were finally recognized as Berger de Picardie, or Picards. And now you know.

Berger Picard by Cyrille Jubert

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