Guess the Babies’ Breed (Guess Before Clicking)

Did you guess that these babies would grow up to be corded?

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These are Komondorok (Komondor is the singular form), one of two Livestock Guardian Dog breeds of Hungary (the other is the Kuvasz). How does a country as small as Hungary end up with two LGD breeds?

There is speculation (based on archaeologic evidence) that when the Mongol expansion forced the Cuman people to migrate out of their ancestral homeland, they brought with them a dog that was most probably a relative of the Komondor.  By 895, however, Magyar tribes had arrived in the Carpathian Basin, the area that became Hungary. Put simply, the Komondor was the dog of the Cumans and the Kuvasz was the dog of the Magyars. For much of Hungary’s early history, the two peoples kept apart from each other (and kept their dogs to themselves). It’s thought by some historians that the Komondor lived and worked primarily in rural areas,  while the Kuvasz became more of a city/town guard dog.



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