Davey Whippet: Still the Record Holder

Five years ago, he became the first dog to catch a disc over 400 feet. As far as we can tell, “Davey Whippet” still holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Flying Disc Throw Caught by a Dog with a catch of 134 yards (402 feet) he set in Canada in 2012, and easily running 40 mph to do it.

He established another WFDF/Guinness Canine MTA World Record in 2014 when his owner, Rob, threw a disc that he caught 10.56 seconds later.  Davey Whippet holds many records: 2013 Skyhoundz World Champion in Xtreme Distance, Classic Plastic; 2012 and 2011 Skyhoundz World Champion in Xtreme Distance in both Classic and Unlimited Plastic, Quadruped World Record set in 2012, a 116.5 yard catch,  and the longest throw and catch to a dog (116.5 yards set in Denver). His owner, Robert McCleod, even has records he set by himself.

The four-time World Champion frisbee catch dog, Davy has his own children’s book, “The Davey Rule,” that uses a twist on the Golden Rule to teach about acceptance, kindness and curiosity.  In addition to competing in frisbee competitions world-wide, Rob is a motivational speaker who shares his message with kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12. He also runs frisbee workshops for students that includes throwing & catching, running and showing the possibilities that exist with a frisbee. Just recently, he and “Davey,” now about eight years old, visited students in Taber and Grassy Lake, Alberta, Canada

See “Davey” and Rob set one of their records below:


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