A Bichon’s Halos

Many of us think of our dogs as “little angels,” but when we mention “halos” in the same sentence as the Bichon Frise, we’re not talking about radiant orbs hovering over the skulls of these charming dogs. “Halos” refer to deep brown or black skin surrounding the eyes of a Bichon, and it’s so important in accentuating expression in this breed that it’s mentioned in the breed standard: “Halos, the black or very dark brown skin surrounding the eyes, are necessary as they accentuate the eye and enhance expression. The eye rims themselves must be black. Broken pigment, or total absence of pigment on the eye rims produce a blank and staring expression, which is a definite fault.”

Halos give a Bichon an inquisitive facial expression, an endearing aspect to this member of the Barbichon family.

Image: Bichon Frise by LA Shepard/thedoglover

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