A DVM Asks:

A veterinarian asks: “I have been a dog person all my life. I am a DVM. I also have allergic rhinitis in response to many dogs. My question is this: Is there something about the breed’s skin or coat that makes them worse for people with allergies? I have never met a Chinese Shar-Pei that I can touch without instantly breaking out into hives everywhere. No other dog breed does this to me. It’s gotten to the point that I put on gloves before handling my Pei patients. Help!

We pose the question to our community of dog owners, and in particular, Shar-Pei owners. Advice?

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5 thoughts on “A DVM Asks:”

  1. You are not unique. I have heard of this from others in the general public. This is not necessarily related to your more general dog allergy. The hair is short, and harsh, by definition of the standard. Brush and bear coats are longer and less harsh. Long sleeves and gloves are probably the best way to cope, especially with the shortest horse coats.

  2. This is very common, especially with the sand coat. The brush coat tends not to produce this. Touching the sand coat usually produces a hives like skin reaction and is well documented.

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