A Pigment of My Imagination

News flash: Old English Sheepdogs do, in fact, have eyes.

Sheepish grin (ha, a pun).

Our apologies to OES folks. As long suffering owners of a heavily coated breed, they will recognize our smart aleck opening line as the answer to a question they hear a lot:

Does that dog have eyes?

Variation: Can that dog see?

This post isn’t about the presence of eyes, but rather, how those eyes present, and specifically, pigmentation. The breed standard merely states: Eyes – Brown, blue or one of each. If brown, very dark is preferred. If blue, a pearl, china or wall-eye is considered typical. An amber or yellow eye is most objectionable. The word “pigmentation” doesn’t appear in the standard at all.

In that case, does this dog have correction pigmentation?  How about the dogs in the photos below?

Old English Sheepdog, eyes, pigmentation

Deposit Stock Photo


Old English Sheepdog, eyes, pigmentation

©Raywoo | Dreamtime Stock photo

The Illustrated Guide to the Old English Sheepdog fleshes this out for us (wait, was that another pun?)

It states: Please note that our standard does not call for pigment around the eyes nor does it specify shape or size of the eyes so this should not enter into consideration when judging.

Thus, the eye pigmentation of all the dogs in this post are acceptable.

Thumbnail image: Adobe Stock Photo

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