American Gentlemen Among Dogs

Most of us already know that Boston Terriers are known as “American Gentlemen Among Dogs,” but they’re also known as the “American Original,” a name we find more inclusive because it includes the ladies without whom there’d be no American Gentlemen.  Just saying. One wonders if either nickname would have come about had the breed been named, say, the American Bull Terrier Club. Wait, it was originally named the American Bull Terrier Club! Back in 1889, some thirty breed enthusiasts organized a breed club and named it the American Bull Terrier Club, and with affection, they called their dogs round heads or bull terriers. This didn’t sit well with the people who already owned a bull terrier, and their dogs looked nothing like Boston Terriers. In fact, their breed was the longer faced Bull Terrier. By 1891, the American Bull Terrier Club changed their name to the Boston Terrier Club of America, and what was once known as the round head or bull terrier was now called the Boston Terrier.

We also have it on good authority that the breed  likes to have fun which makes this giclee based on an original by Brian Rubenacker not far from the truth.


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