Baby Beckham

We like to keep tabs on what’s “hot” on Instagram, and one of the more popular dogs to follow is “Baby Beckham,” a Samoyed who competes in conformation and got his championship at nine months old.  Beckham has over 25,400 followers, and he just supports what we keep saying: Get your dog on Instagram!   We don’t have consent to share Baby Beckham’s photos and have shared only his profile picture, but check out his page and see what you think.

Vetstreets tips offer suggestions on how to make your dog an Instagram star, but why do this? Well, Manny, the French Bulldog, raises money for charity (over $100,000 in one year alone). Other dogs have been recruited by agencies, clothing designers, and businesses to be “spokesdogs” or models because they believe the dog has a quality with which they want to be associated. What couldn’t you do with a little extra “something something?”



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