Beardie Eyes

We love our dogs, and “dog geeks” love looking at their dogs, and since a dog’s eyes is often what we look at first, they’re important. As a judge approaches a dog in a show ring, it’s usually the first thing a judge looks at, as well, so breed standards are typically descriptive when it comes to those “peepers.” Even the Greyhound standard (which, to our knowledge, has the shortest breed standard and is straightforward in all its other wording) dabbles in descriptives when it comes to the eyes of their breed: “Dark, bright, intelligent, indicating spirit.”

Doesn’t it just?

We’re rather fond of the wording in the Bearded Collie’s Illustrated Breed Standard when it comes to eyes: “The ideal expression is soft, melting, and inquiring.” It goes on to describe shape, but it had us at, “soft, melting, and inquiring.”

Isn’t it just?

Bearded Collie by Kathy Flood is available as a print here. 

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