The Blunt Tail

Uninformed people often see a purebred dog’s short tail and think, “Docked.” They would be wrong. Some breeds are often born with naturally “bobbed” tails, and the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is one of them.  In these dogs, their tail is blunt from birth making it a congenitally docked tail. This isn’t all breeds, of course, but the EMD has either a natural or docked tail, and the docked tail would be described as a “blunt tail.”  So folks ( and we know some of you are out there): When you’re going to grief to the owner of a dog with a short tail, save your dignity and learn about tails and breeds.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog created from 10 to 20 individually hand cut pieces of paper, layered and mounted on color stock so that no two are the same, by Patricia Peters – CanineCutUps

8 thoughts on “The Blunt Tail”

  1. Same as the Swedish Valhund, you can have blunt tail and long tail born in the same litter

    • I didn’t know that about Swedish Valhund! I’ve never met one, but have read a little bit.

  2. English toy spaniels can have long, kinked, short or corkscrew tails

    • Good info, Jessica, and interesting, thank you!

  3. I have an Aussie… and always wondered if their tails were natural (docked). I never heard her breeder talk about them “healing”

    She looks very natural the way she is

    • Aussies can sometimes produce naturally bobbed tails or more often, a longer one. The breed actually used to be called the “bobtail”.

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