The Butterfly and Dudley Nose

A pink nose that’s almost completely un-pigmented and has but just a few black spots isn’t a what is called a “Dudley” nose because a Dudley nose is entirely pink. If some pigment spots are seen, the dog more likely has a “butterfly” nose, something the AKC Complete Dog Book defines as a “parti-colored nose; i.e. dark, spotted with flesh color.” These patches of pigmentation are situated randomly, and any amount of the nose can be covered by the patches.

We couldn’t find a photo of a butterfly nose that we have permission to use, but if you could post a picture of your dog with such a nose, it’d be really helpful!

As an aside, if you’re even moved to make a cast of your dog’s nose, get the directions to do it here:

Nose image by Justine Osborne

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