Button Up, Whippet!

“Each jumper is handmade in three classic colors chosen for their timeless quality, and one stand-out shade that shifts with the season (this year, it’s the warm tones of Olive Green). The lightweight, natural merino material retains body warmth and is ideal for layering. Whether it’s called a polo neck, turtleneck, skivvy or sweater, they are beautiful.”

It sounds like a description out of Vogue, doesn’t it? These garments, however, are for Whippets, the breed that designer, Jemma Thomas, targets because they tend to especially feel the cold. Bred to race at 35 mph, a very short coat and little body fat is inherent for this canine athlete, and one of the fastest land mammals in the world. A long neck, deep chest, and low back end sometimes means most dog coats don’t really fit a Whippet.

With this in mind, Jemma Thomas started Coat the Label, a company that produces minimalist merino-wool garments designed specifically for these sighthounds.  The coats are designed and hand-made in Melbourne, and have been featured in FourandSons.

Greyhound coats are next. Thomas says, “I’m keeping it within the sighthound family, as it is very difficult to find garments designed specifically for them with their unique body types.”

The coats retails for $79.

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