An Ancient Sheepdog Faces a 21st Century Threat: What Happens?

For hundreds of years, the Maremma has been a flock guardian for sheep and goats in Italy.  The breed hasn’t changed much over the centuries because breed selection was done only by shepherds, and they bred for functional abilities, namely protect the stock.  In the end, this also safeguarded breed characteristics because those characteristics were related to an ability to work.

What happens when a very old breed is faced with very modern device, albeit one that behaves like a threat? Watch the video below to find out:



2 thoughts on “An Ancient Sheepdog Faces a 21st Century Threat: What Happens?”

  1. We have 2 Maremmas on our small farm. The oldest is 8 and her younger cousin is almost 3 years old. They work with 2 llamas protecting our livestock and us from “suspicious Invaders ” of all types. We have a large number of coyotes in our area. This is Jade the younger dog with a young calf.

    • A wonderful picture, Jenny, thanks for sharing it with us! We love hearing from actual owners!!

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