Christchurch’s Corgis

In an amusing (though some found it irreverent) commemoration of the Queen during New Zealand’s 50th jubilee, three life-sized bronze Corgis sculpted by David Marshall and costing $8000 each were installed outside of Alice in Videoland and C1 Espresso on High Street in 2003.  One Corgi was nicked after the February 2011 earthquake,  and the remaining two bronzes were removed by the Christchurch City Council for safe-keeping. In 2014, the trio was reinstated after the sculptor made another bronze to replace the stolen one. Marshall said he had to make the third corgi again “from scratch” because he hadn’t saved the original molds. Still, he believed the finished product was almost identical to the original corgi. “I’m pleased they’ve gone back where they were. These guys are just going . . . back to business,” he said.  Remaking the third Corgi took about a year and was paid for by insurance money.

Image by John Kirk-Anderson from an article in article by Nicole Mathewson that you can read here.

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