The Nordic Coat

The amount of coat and its texture may not weigh heavily when evaluating some breeds in a show ring, but Nordic breeds demand that this aspect of breed type be given serious consideration. A northern breed with improper coat texture quickly becomes a dog soaked to the skin, cold, and unable to perform its job.

A dog’s coat is designed to capture air and use it as an insulator. In the winter, it keeps the cold out and retains heat, while in the summer, it keep heat at bay, and helps her regulate her body temperature.

Dogs don’t cool as we do, and shaving the coats of these dogs during the summer thinking that it makes them comfortable is rarely a good idea. We always defer to the owners of these breeds, and in this case, the professional groomers who are friends of our page, but in many breeds, shaving the dog’s coat often results in improper re-growth and can cause color and texture changes.

“Ischi the Malamute” by Justine Osborne

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