Columbo’s Basset Hound

Most of us really liked Columbo, the TV detective without a first name, but we loved his Basset Hound, also apparently without a name beyond, “Dog.” The rumpled policeman once said, “He’s a dog, so we call him Dog.”

In “real” life, the actor who portrayed Columbo, Peter Falk, wasn’t keen on having a dog as an occasional co-star, but NBC insisted, and Falk relented after seeing “Henry,” the Basset Hound who would play “Dog.” “Columbo” wasn’t Henry’s first rodeo, so to speak. He played a firehouse dog named “Henry” in “Emergency,”  but his role on Columbo as the “ice cream eating, TV watching, frequent-guest-in-the-neighbor’s-swimming pool” dog earned him (and his breed) a lot of fans.

Like his character, Henry was found at an animal pound in Burbank, California by his trainer, Ray Berwick, but after his Hollywood days were over, Henry lived out his life as a beloved pet and ultimately passed away of old age.

21 thoughts on “Columbo’s Basset Hound”

    • Colombo’s dog, his car, his green cigars, his old cost and his character will never be equaled again.

      • So true and the saddest thing is that Peter Falk got dementia and didn’t remember the character of Columbo or that he had played the character.

  1. Henry “Dog” & his substitute will forever live in our hearts! He was the perfect dog for “Columbo”! He was so adorable!

  2. So true. I just loved seeing “Dog” on the TV movies. He was just perfect for Columbo. In fact, I’m watching one now.

    • They did seem like a natural pairing, didn’t they, Renee?

    • Presumably, the bronze dog has bronze eyes. Tit for tat, Charles (grin)

  3. Henry was a well trained basset hound,as was my two;Bluto+Wilbur.Many of them are bossy,slow motioned,but with a lot of exercise and training,they become hounds.Try it.They are beautiful animals.

  4. Columbo was like everyone else who had a family (wife , child and a dog) No super powers just smart detective work! The Best❤️

  5. It’s funny, I fell in love with a basset hound and rescued him when I was 9 years old. When I became 19 years old I became a police officer, and then the homicide detective. I used to wear photographers vest with all the pockets smoke cigars and I would bring Barney, my Bassett hound, into the office with me once in awhile when I was doing paperwork so I got the nickname columbo. I wear that name with good honor.

  6. I’m a Columbo fan and especially love the episodes with “Dog” It REALLY warms my heart to learn that Henry was saved from the same pound as I adopted my beloved and late dog, Audrey. Who I soon found to be a very rare breed: a Sloughi.

    • Audrey turned out to be a Sloughi? That’s remarkable, she was a rare breed indeed

  7. God, I am sure welcomed Henry to Paradise where he’s eating ice cream with my five beloved beagles,

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