Did Your Dog Do Something Wonderful Today?

It’s time for a “Bragging” post, and we want to encourage everyone to leave a comment below (not on Facebook).

Did your dog earn a title or win a major today? Did he or she ask to go outside to “go potty” for the first time? Did your dog successfully give a health alert, or eat something for the first time in days? A Best in Show is huge, and so is the puppy who learned to master stairs for the first time in his little life. Our dogs’ accomplishments come in many forms, and our last question of the day wants you to share it, not matter how big or how small. It’s not bragging, it’s sharing. The purebred dog owning community is a tight one, and we revel in each other’s accomplishments. Here’s a chance to show it. Pictures if you can. And please know that without seeing any of your answers, we congratulate you and your dog.

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