“Diversity is Beautiful in the Dog World” – Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2023

Title: “Diversity is Beautiful in the Dog World”

Artist:  Stephanie Maraggos

Medium: Watercolor and ink

Size: 11″ x 7″ x .10 cm

Price: $150.00  Contact National Purebred Dog Day to inquire about purchasing this piece

Artist’s Thoughts: I wanted to create an image of dogs that involved one line that connected throughout the breeds, because no matter how different each dog is they are all connected. Even though they are all connected, their differences are what make them special and a beautiful addition to the world.

While making this art piece I had an idea of one line connecting all the breeds, ideally the line would be continuous and the pen would not have to be lifted off the paper. The pen itself did not give life to the dog images which gave me the idea of adding subtle watercolor. The words speak for themselves, “Diversity is beautiful”. The diversity in dog breeds is amazing and produces unique animals with variety of personalities. While picking the breeds represented in this artwork I looked at the ACK website for each category. I pick breeds specifically related to the class, but the breeds I chose have had some form of influence in my personal life. Honestly, I wanted to put more dogs into the artwork but ultimately didn’t want to overwhelm the image and decided to create a form with simplicity.


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