“Diversity vs Similarity” – Entry in National Purebred Dog Day Fine Art/Poster Competition 2023

Title: “Diversity vs Similarity”

Artist:  Terry Goulart

Medium:  Acrylic

Size:  14″ x 18″ x .5″

Price: $300.00   Contact National Purebred Dog Day to inquire about purchasing this piece

Artist’s Thoughts:  I wanted to show the diversity of the dog breeds, but also show the common bond of their eyes being the window to the soul. As diverse as all dogs are, you can always see the loyalty and love in all of their eyes. Some may be wide eyed and some may be covered over, but they all express the same emotions.  I wanted to include a dog from each group to show the diversity of breeds. I was hoping to showcase some well known breeds along with some less popular. Each dog I chose, I wanted to show their personality and predictability in their expression and eyes.



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