Do You Vasgotaspets?

Do You Vasgotaspets?  Many of our readers do.

Own a Swedish Vallhund, that is.

Vasgotaspets is the Swedish name for the Swedish Vallhund, Vasgotaspets literally meaning “Spitz of the West Goths.” Doesn’t everyone want to own a Goth dog?

Enough merriment. It’s no joke that this wonderful breed nearly went extinct in the 1930s. Had it not been for (say it with us) dedicated breeders, we would never know this natural canine show-off with a wicked sense of humor. Sensitive to a room’s “vibes,” Vallhunds are known for repeating a behavior that elicits laugher and attention. Being intuitive dogs, however, means that they can also reflect a somber mood.  It’s like having a mood ring dog.

Image photo credit: Miiakierikkimalinen _MG_1645-4 via photopin (license)

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