“Dog Party”

Early on a Monday morning is a good time to share a smile-provoking commercial.  It may be the only smile some of us get before noon today:

“Dog Party” first aired in 2015 was a wonderfully conceived Pergo Commercial that answered the question: What do our dogs do when we’re not home?  The spot was directed by Peter Martin and created by Fitzgerald & CO, an Atlanta advertising agency, but it wasn’t the first time a Great Dane named, “Shine,” was featured in a Pergo commercial. We’ll be sharing that ad later in the week.

3 thoughts on ““Dog Party””

  1. Great ad but my dogs hate Pergo because it is too slippery. I have to put throw rugs all over the place. The rugs slide around (in spite of trying every product that is supposed to hold them in place). If the gap gets too wide one of the dogs will stand on the edge and squeak for 10 minutes before scrambling across, which just scares him more. Silly dog.

  2. Good to know, Linda, thanks! We credit Pergo for one thing (well, besides using a Great Dane in the commercial) that so many other commercials do when using a canine, and that’s to have puppy run on a hard surface around a corner. Others may find it cute/comical to see the pup’s legs go out from under him, but we cringe at the stress on growing joints. This is probably what you encounter with those throw rugs, right?

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