Dogs on Deployment

Of the many terrific dog organizations out there, one of our favorites is Dogs on Deployment. This national non-profit founded by a military couple is an on-line network of volunteers willing to board the pet(s) of a military man or woman while they are deployed in the service of our country. The organization also advocates for military pet ownership rights by providing educational resources and granting financial assistance for military pet owners during times of emergency.

The last thing a service person needs to worry about is what to do with their beloved dog if they’re sent out of the country.  It’s a particular comfort when someone very familiar with their pet’s breed is caring for them, so a Bull Terrier’s “zoomies,” the drool of a St. Bernard, or the “fibers of love” shed by a Samoyed is no big deal to the person minding the dog.

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Fox and Friends

We were reminded of this group when we came across the picture of the Doberman Picture (seen above) that was posted by Linda Hale on our Facebook page back in 2014.  Linda was caring for “Rambo” through Dogs on Deployment while his owner, Sgt. Jonathan Weber, was deployed in Afghanistan.

Below is an interview from 2016 with the founders:

Unable to dog sit? No worries, there are other ways to help support this group, from donating a used vehicle, to supporting the companies that support them. Click here and read up on this group!


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