Don’t Own an Azawakh!

  • If you’re not open minded and think that one dog is much like another, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you lack the patience to hear, “Why don’t you feed your dog?” a lot, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you can’t appreciate a highly expressive breed, both in vocalizations, body language, and facial expressions, an Azawakh is wasted on you. Don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you prefer not to deal with a dog that is smarter than most humans, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you’re not content as a breeder to appreciate a breed not made by men, but that’s the result of an adaptation to an environment and a way of life for hundreds of years, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you want a dog that fawns over people he doesn’t know, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you’re not inclined to keep a ten pound bag of millet and a case of goats milk in your cupboard, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you think anyone who keeps chickens so the dog can have fresh eggs with their millet and goat milk is certifiable, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you intend on keeping your dog in a kennel or left unsupervised in yard, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you don’t much care about your dog’s breed history and aren’t inclined to take it very seriously, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you’re not a calm, patient, and understanding person, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you don’t want to have to teach, let alone spell, your breed’s name to strangers, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you can’t spend lots of time with your dog, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you’re not a fan of positive reinforcement when working with a dog, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you have a short fuse and are apt to go “ballistic” for being turned into animal control at least once a year for starving your dog, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If they don’t like dogs that bark or alert you when someone or thing comes near your house or car, don’t own an Azawakh;
  • If you ignore the fact that there will be a new learning curve to hurdle with this breed, don’t own an Azawakh;
This list was compiled from responses made by Azawakh owners during National Purebred Dog Day®‘s Purebred of Interest feature on the breed

Image: Azawakh and Desert Goats in copper engraving by Jean Louis Grunheid

22 thoughts on “Don’t Own an Azawakh!”

  1. A wonderful, yet humorous testimony to living with an Azawakh.

    • Thanks, Sheryl. The words are directly from Azawakh owners, themselves, and they’re the experts!

    • Yeah, Hans, we can see your miserable, suffering and TOO SKINNY dogs (yes, that’s sarcasm). They’re quite stunning, and it’s a lovely, lovely photogrpah. Thank you for sharing it!!

    • They’re stunning, Thierry!! The breed always makes our skip a beat!

    • Aliya, we’ve always liked your dogs, and this picture is just lovely!

  2. owned and loved by first more than 25 years now…..but honestly
    they are not the fad dog and deserve the respect the breed has been given by its people’s the TUAREG of the Sahel
    not for the faint of heart or wannabe show freak

  3. Misidentified by the rescue centre as a greyhound lurcher; truth revealed by a sighthound breeder when i took him to be registered at the vets. God it’s been a learning curve and how i love waking up to his gentle snore in my ear and the sensation of his chin on my shoulder and his nose tangled in my hair. I love my Azawakh!!!!!

    • Such a lovely comment, Scéalaí. We’ve become smitten with the breed and count ourselves lucky to have met a few!

  4. Been an Azawakh ‘servant’ for almost 20 years. I thought I knew a little bit about dogs before having my first,LOL!

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