“Dope” Haircuts for Dogs

“All men want dope haircuts.”  – From Mens Hairstyles Today

Aside from the linguistic morphology of the word, “dope,” we were fascinated by what a “dope haircut” actually is. Turns out that anyone who watches men’s sports will have already seen one.  Seen here is world famous footballer (that’s soccer to us here in the states), Cristiano Ronaldo, rocking an “Undercut + Part + Faux Hawk” style. 

His cut is pretty tame compared to some we’ve seen on the Internet (check this out), and we love all of them for their creativity! But move over fellas, dogs are getting in on the action, as well.  It’s called “coat carving,” and far from requiring a coated dog, coat carving is a technique done on dogs with short hair, the shorter and tighter the better.

We’re not sure how (or even if ) “coat carving” is different from canine “hair tattoos” since both shave a design into a dog’s coat; we hazard a guess that hair tattoos tend to be a small design in the shape of a heart, snowflake, or paw, while coat carving may be more intricate, but we could be wrong on this and welcome the feedback of groomers.

Since it’s as simple as shaving patterns in a dog’s coat, it doesn’t hurt the dog, and depending upon the rate of hair growth, a design can last around 14 weeks.

Longer coated dogs can be done, as well. We lack permission to share the images of Poodles with such designs, but you can see them here.



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