The “Dust Ruffle” Dog

You won’t find the kind of dust ruffle we’re talking about at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you will on a Bloodhound, particularly a bitch. “Dust Ruffle Skin” refers to the fold of loose skin sometimes hanging underneath, or down the sides of a dog, that resembles the dust ruffle skirt hanging from a mattress. It can give the illusion of the dog being chubby, having a deeper chest than what exists, or even being short on leg (a moot point, we suppose, because the breed standard doesn’t discuss length of leg); why it’s more often seen on a Bloodhound lass can be due to mammary development, a false pregnancy, or just being in season. Anyone evaluating a Bloodhound should be aware of “dust ruffle skin,” and not necessarily hold it against the dog.

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2 thoughts on “The “Dust Ruffle” Dog”

  1. Thank you for this. Mine tend to have skirts. And you are correct about the evaluations. As an example, when comparing a Bloodhound to a Coonhound some lines of Bloodhounds will have more furnishings (skin, bone, depth of chest) and it is not necessarily a flaw. It is Breed Type.

    • Thanks for the comment, Diane! There is nothing like hearing from actual owners, the real experts, and we appreciate the time you took to confirm our understanding of “dust ruffles.”

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