Eduardo Benito and Purebred Dogs

Eduardo Benito may most be remembered for being an icon of the Art Deco era, but he also illustrated over 90 covers for Vogue Magazine between 1921 and 1940 (and also for Vanity Fair). “Modernism” was all the rage, and in keeping with the clean lines of that movement, Benito employed “sans serif” font (lettering without “feet”), downloadand avoided decorative “foo foo” borders known in the publishing world as “cabbage.” Many of Benito’s covers included purebred dogs, like the Scottie seen in this cover from March, 1934; it was the first of three instances in which Benito incorporated a Scottie on a Vogue cover.

In time, Benito would turn down an offer to become art director for all of Cande Nast titles, choosing instead to return home to Spain to become a freelance illustrator and sheep farmer. He died in 1981.

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