Fingernails-Down-a-Chalkboard Pronunciation of Breed Names

Originally, the name, “Samoyed” was written as “Samoyede,” but in 1923, the “e” was dropped from the name in the United Kingdom. This lead to the beginning of the modern mispronunciation of “Sahm-oid” instead of the native pronunciation of “Sahm-uh-yed” (which we’ve also seen as “sammy-ed). We always have fun here with the “creative” ways our breed names can be butchered, though we confess to having a visceral “fingernails down a chalkboard” reaction to when our own own breed – the Puli – is pronounced, “Pyu-lee” instead of a brisk “POO-lee.”  As we write, it’s a drizzly November dusk when the weather can’t decide whether to snow or rain, so let’s be merry and have some fun with this. How have you seen your breed’s name butchered?

Image: “Samoyeds” by Nina Scott Langley from Hutchinson’s Dog Encyclopedia published in 1934. This print is available for purchase here

27 thoughts on “Fingernails-Down-a-Chalkboard Pronunciation of Breed Names”

  1. Papillon…….so many ways, papillion on of my favorites.
    paPEEyon, another. Papilon

  2. Keeshond – correct is kayz- hund. Most common Mispronunciation is quiche- hound.

    • It is actually more ‘case-hund’. With the u in hund leaving towards a short ‘o’ sound. The o in corgi is more or less correct.

  3. I try to not scream when I hear BURMESE Mountain Dog. Crap on a stick kids, but a heavy coated dog probably wouldn’t do so well in the tropics. Bear-knees. After the Canton of Bern… whose flag has a BEAR on it.

    • Sorry, Dogma, but bwwaaaaa!You’ve actually heard this? How ever did you keep a straight face?

  4. Haaa, how about Dachshund. No not dash hound, not dash hund, not Dotson, not docksand, not datch shunned, it’s dachshund, docks-hund.

    • You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard, would you? Docks-hund. Yup.

  5. Hear this all the time. Me: it’s a Lagotto Romagnolo. Questioner: A la… what?

  6. Hear this all the time. Me: it’s a Lagotto Romagnolo. Questioner: A la… what?

  7. “NOO-fuh-lund” is what I hear sometimes. Proper pronunciation in the US is “NEW-fun-luhnd” ; Canadians seem to prefer “New-FOWND-land” – which is probably the way it should be pronounced. 😅

  8. Glad my heart belongs to Bulldogs & French Bulldogs! No one seems to mispronounce those, although there are other misconceptions that rankle.

  9. And Wymariner, or Weenermyer, or Wy-me, instead of the correct pronunciation, Vy-mar-a ner, for the noble German Weimaraner.

    • Ouch, Mariane! That one would make our ears bleed if it was our breed!

  10. Ever hear of a black and tan dog called a Rockwheeler? I hear that so much, I was starting to wonder if such a dog existed! 😂

    • Oh yes, the famous Rockwheeler, Shona. You find this breed in its natural habitat of rock quarries, right? (grin)

  11. “Hey, that’s a v-HIS-luh, right?”

    “Oh my goodness, what a beautiful visla.” (I usually have to make them repeat that one, it comes out as half a syllable.)

    “Oh, wow, I didn’t know weimereiners came in red.” 😔😔😔

    Veeeeee-shluh. It’s Hungarian, make love to it when you say it. Vee-shluh. Just the tiniest hint of an a at the end.

    • As we’re Hungarian too, Jennifer, we especially appreciate your coaching tip: “It’s Hungarian, make love to it when you say it.” That’s priceless!

  12. Hi! Is that a giant yorkie….?! (Otterhound) 🤦‍♀️
    What nice dachshund pup you have (Otterhound pup weights 8 kilos with 8 weeks old 🤦‍♀️ +- 45kg when fully grown)
    look a labradoodle.. 💀
    NO, ITS AN OTTERHOUND, and they still do exist.

    • Thank goodness they do still exist, Maxime. We happen to think they’re one of the best breeds EVER

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