Foo Foo Dog? Guess Again

In our experience, one of the most misunderstood breeds is the Poodle. The breed is wicked smart, and only fools and the uneducated perceive the coat as evidence of a “foo foo” breed.  Poodles are retrievers, and they can still perform their original function as a retriever, thank you very much,

Many of you can skip past this part, but for our new readers, a “Cliff note:” The Poodle clip is rooted in a hunter’s practicality. The legs are shaved to allow the dog to swim better, the hair left longer around the ankles and hip bones to keep joints warm, as well as on the body to protect internal organs. The Poodle’s coat texture enables the dog emerging from water to shake water off and away from their skin. The colored ribbon in the dog’s hair was used by owners to identify which dog was theirs when there were many of them in the water at one time. Over time, owners played around with Poodle clips and today we have the Bikini Clip (also known as the Miami Clip), the English Saddle Clip, Continental Clip, the Lamb Clip, Kennel, or Utility Clip, the Modified Continental Clip, and of course the corded coat.

Got a Poodle? Show us how you keep THEIR coat!

7 thoughts on “Foo Foo Dog? Guess Again”

  1. I have an old dog book that shows a corded Poodle and have to say think it looks stunning and would love to see this in the ring again but don’t think judges would like it,I also know of one standard Poodle who is worked to the gun and could out work a lot of gundogs but is not allowed to compete under the rules.

    • Hi Judith, we’re delighted to hear from you, and share your opinion that the corded Poodle is stunning. We’ve known of a few Poodles who were shown corded, and they were stunning, and some judges DO like it, but others tend to be more traditional in their judging. We hadn’t heard, however, that a corded Poodle can’t compete in hunt tests in the UK???

  2. I have been growing out Romy’s head hair for years now. In the winter I let her grow her sweater, but as soon as it is over 60 F, I take it off. She comes to my salon with me everyday.

  3. We have 2 . A silver female (Daisey) and a parti brown white male (Huckleberry) kept stud.
    They are the smartest and most loving dogs I’ve ever had. Both are in agility as well as im training her for quail hunting. They love the pool and playing with our grandkids. We clipped him in an Asian fusion cut . Google it , its awesome

    • We’re well familiar with the Asian fusion cut, and agree that these clips are a work of art!

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