For a Good Time, Call #284

Who wouldn’t want a good time with a fun loving, good looking, never tiring date?  Pretty much everyone.

Would it change your mind if the date was a dog – literally?

It wouldn’t if you’re a typical National Purebred Dog Day reader.  We love dogs, and our readers are unabashed fans of purebred dogs – but have you heard about the Lapponian Herder?  This high energy herding breed can do it all, whether it’s the breed’s traditional job of managing reindeer or rocking the weaves in agility.  Experienced owners of certain herding breeds  might not notice the breed’s vocal tendencies, but it’s something to consider for the potential owner who is disquieted by a “barking while working” style.

The breed has been used for hundreds of years by Lapps, and acceptance to a breed registry began in the 1950’s, but at that time, the modern Finnish Lapphund and the Lapponian Herder were still considered to be the same breed. Once it was noted that two different reindeer herding breeds existed, the Lapponian Herder was got its “props” as a distinct breed in 1966

In the course of doing our homework on a breed, we sometimes come across interesting tidbits. We learned that among its native people, it was a tradition to name Lapponian Herders bitches the same name for generations, most often some variation of Cikka, Ciiku, Tsikku, which means ‘bitch’ in Sámi dialects.” 

Cool, eh?

As for the #284 referenced in our post title, that is its FCI-Standard N° 284

Image by Berzerk, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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