From English to Bluetick

Once upon a time, the Bluetick Coonhound was called the English Coonhound.

In those days (around 1946), some English Coonhound owners wanted a hot nosed, fast hound – but some didn’t.  Some owners were less inclined in that direction, plus, they didn’t want to lose the bluetick coloring. These folks broke away from the English Coonhound fold, and with like-minded breeders, met up in Greenville, Illinois to form their own group. They called it the Bluetick Breeders Association, and wrote a breed standard at the same time. This group was replaced in 1959 by the Bluetick Breeders of America which still exists today. The national breed club member of the AKC, however, is the American Bluetick Coonhound Association. 

Interestingly, the United Kennel Club still registers the English Coonhound which it recognized in 1905, but under the name of English Fox & Coonhound which reflected the similarity at the time that the breed had to the American Foxhound and the English Foxhound. Indeed, the Treeing Walker was also originally registered with UKC as the English Coonhound.  The Walker was recognized as a separate breed in 1945, and the Bluetick a year later.

Image: Bluetick Coonhound by Alicia VanNoy Call

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