Garden and Gun (and Purebred Dogs!)

Those unfamiliar with the magazine might think their leg is being pulled upon hearing its name: Garden and Gun, but it is, in fact, a popular magazine about the sporting culture, food, music, and art of the Southern United States. It was named the nation’s second-hottest magazine launch in 2007 by MIN Magazine, its title an inside reference to a popular 1970s Charleston disco called the “Garden and Gun Club.”  According to the President and CEO of Garden & Gun, Rebecca Darwin, however, the title “is a metaphor for the South—its land, the people, their lifestyle, and their heritage.”

We just like the pictures.

Kidding aside, we not only like the pictures and articles, we noticed early on that Garden and Gun supports purebred dogs and frequently has different breeds show up on their pages. As a matter of fact, the cover of the current issue features, “Rimi,” a Golden Retriever, “Deke,” a Labrador Retriever, and “BB,” an English Setter. The first official “cover dog” was an English Cocker Spaniel, “Peetie,” but since 2011, the December/January covers have always “gone to the dogs.”  Each issue also includes the “Good Dog” columns, humorous and heart rendering essays about our dogs.

A rising tide raises all boats, as they say, and we give a “shout out” to a magazine unafraid to support our purebred dogs.

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