Giacometti’s Saluki

The ‘Dog’ sculpture was created by Giacometti in 1951 out of bronze and cast. One critic wrote, “In the world which I think creates a sense of loneliness in the dog’s face and body language. I would suggest that the dog is perhaps homeless and wandering the streets looking for food and a way to survive. He is skinny, lanky and fragile and by the expression on his face, looks unloved. Giacometti recalled the origin of the sculpture: “One day I was walking along the Rue de Vanves, in the rain, close to the walls of the buildings, feeling a little sad perhaps, and I felt like a dog just then. So I made that sculpture. The sad muzzle has a likeness to the Saluki.

The ‘Dog’ sculpture can be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in the New York City. 


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