Go, Setters!

Pace University’s athletes are called the “setters,” but for a time, it was tough to know just which setter is the school mascot. T-Bone, Irish Setter, mascotWhen the school unveiled it’s human version of the mascot – “T-Bone,” s/he was wearing in a solid red costume likely settling the matter. The “setters” are Irish Setters!

T-Bone was nominated as a finalist in the category of “Best Team Mascot” at the inaugural World Dog Awards  back in 2015 along with “Smokey” the Bluetick Coonhound from the University of Tennessee, “Jonathan,” the Husky from the University of Connecticut, “Hairy Dawg,” the Bulldog from the University of Georgia, and “Bully” the Bulldog from Mississippi State (note that they are all purebred breeds).  T-Bone lost to the University of Tennessee’s mascot, “Smokey.”






2 thoughts on “Go, Setters!”

    • LOL Cindy, the diplomatic thing for us to say is that Pace couldn’t have gone wrong with ANY of the setters…..(but Gordons ARE awesome)

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