“Grafmar’s Caps”

Like many other breeds, Weimaraners can gray in the muzzle as they age, but Weims have a unique characteristic that isn’t typical of all breeds. As they age, some are known to get a lighter patch of color between their ears and on the back of their head that might extend over the forehead and lighten until it’s almost white.  This is known as a “Grafmar’s Cap,” the name coming from an early and influential kennel. We don’t have permission to use the best picture we found of a Grafmar Cap, but you can see one here.  If you have a good photo of a “Grafmar’s Cap,” that you’re willing to let us use here, we’d be grateful and happy to give full credit.

Image: “Finnegan” by Alicia VanNoy Call

19 thoughts on ““Grafmar’s Caps””

  1. My Beloved Service K-9 “Maximus”, I never knew what that 3″ lighter shade of pale grey was between his ears across his head, not that it ever mattered, he was beyond beautiful & ever so handsome. Maximus’ intelligence was off the charts & training him was as simple as if he just read my mind. I honestly believe he had been. Loving & loyal & fiercely mine all mine, our soul’s converged & we belonged to each other for 11.5 wonderful years. I could not ask for a better Best Friend in this life. This photo was taken on a flight leaving from our home in Charlotte, NC to visit our previous home in Long Island, NY. All I could write about what I now know to be his Garfmar’s cap.
    I simply called it, “Maximus’ Halo”, as in my heart, he was my Heaven sent Angel, chosen by the Hand of GOD, devinely sent for only me. Till we meet again my Beautiful Boy…I love you Maximus & Thank you for my most treasured days ever.

    • Jo Ann, he was a wonderful boy and we’re sorry he’s gone, but warmed by the joy he gave you. RIP, Maximus. His Grafmar’s Cap is now indeed a halo.

  2. Our female , Layla is 7 and we adopted her at 2 1/2. She had a slight difference of color across her head which is becoming more and more prominent. I never knew what it was until we ran across this site . So cool !

    • We’re delighted to have had a hand in solving the mystery, Robin. Thanks for sending us Layla’s photo, she’s lovely!

  3. Our two have had ‘caps’ since we rescued them at 1. Our boy Stockli has such a prominent one that we have thought that this might be the reason he was not purchased from his ‘crackhead’ breeder and turned into the rescue. We call it his yarmulke! 🤣

    • His yarmulke? Camille, that’s priceless, we love it! Thank you for sharing this terrific picture!

  4. Our Deuce has always had this lighter band across the top of his head … we had no idea it is a real “thing”! WOW
    I have always called it his halo because he’s such an angel!

  5. Greta’s marks started showing around 2yrs. It’s a beautiful light colored Angel wing replica & love knowing the meaning thank you!

    • Our pleasure, Stacey, and thank you for sharing Greta’s photograph with us, she’s lovely!

  6. Here is my Bucky. At 4 years old his Grafmar’s Cap is just now beginning to show 🥰

    If the photo is helpful you are more than welcome to use it

    • Great picture, Jam, and much appreciated. We’ll leave it here for everyone to see!

  7. My Maggie has a pretty pronounced cap. I always thought it was because she originally came from Arizona and it was bleached by the sun lol

    • We say stick to the Arizona story, Rani, it’s way more fun!

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