Gromit’s Breed

He plays chess, is a gourmet cook, is darn handy with electronic equipment and can fly a plane. He knits, plays cards, builds stuff, and gardens.  He has a strong sense of justice, is keenly loyal, but he never says much. Okay, he never speaks at all. He is Gromit, the canine half of Wallace and Gromit, and if you didn’t know, he’s a Beagle.

His Wiki site writes, “Gromit is recognized by most kennel clubs as a Beagle,” and if you think it’s just silly that a kennel club would recognized a cartoon dog, you should know that another Beagle, “Snoopy,” became the only dog—fictional or otherwise—to ever receive an honorary AKC registration number: Beagle-1.  Well played, AKC!

Enjoy the brief glimpse below of the clever dog!


4 thoughts on “Gromit’s Breed”

  1. I think he looks like a yellow lab. Beagles are small with dark blotches against whitish fur. Grommitt is yellow & nearly as big as Wallace.

    • Can’t disagree, Allison, but on-line sources say he’s a Beagle. Scooby Doo doesn’t much look like a Great Dane, and Santa’s Little Helper barely resembles a Greyhound. Chalk it up to artistic license?

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