Happy Mom’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day. We salute not only the “dog moms” who ultimately do the “heavy lifting,” but also the ethical heritage breeders who work conscientiously to produce the next generation of sound, well socialized puppies (some of which are breeds at risk of vanishing in our lifetime).  Share, if you would, photographs of your “momma dogs” below! Be sure to mention their breed.

The photo seen here is particularly “near and dear” to us, for not only is this mom and her brood Irish Red and White Setters, one of those “at risk” breeds, but the six boys and three girls were born on May 1, National Purebred Dog Day®. We hope Lindsay Bockman and Rachel Bockman send us yearly progress reports on these youngsters.

We’re taking the day off to celebrate with the moms in our lives, but we’re never far away.

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