He “Gets” Greyhounds

Richard Skipworth is one of our favorite artists ever for one simple reason. Well, two, actually. He not only “gets” Greyhounds, he’s able to translate their antics into caricatures with which the rest of us can relate.  His cartoon seen here is no exaggeration. We have seen photographs of Greyhounds mimicking rigor mortis as they sleep with stiff legs sticking straight up into the air. Other have shared with us pictures of Greyhounds contorted into what can’t possibly be a comfortable position, and often on a bed intended for a Chihuahua. This gentlest of breeds with the doe eyes has, we think, a serious comedic streak because they sure can make us laugh, and Skipworth sees this, probably hourly, as his own huge black Greyhound, “Magic,” is, he says,  a constant source of funny ideas.

Skipworth has all manner of merchandise available here,  but you’ll want to make a special point of visiting his “glossary” page for more insights into a wonderful breed.



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