How To Enter NPDD’s 2024 Photo Contest

You’ve taken a photo for one of National Purebred Dog Day’s challenges for the 2024 Photo Contest, and you want to enter it. What do you do, where do you do it, and when?

On May 1, 2024 at 12:01 AM MST, posts will appear on NPDD’s Facebook page, one for each photo challenge. Each post will include the name and photo associated with that challenge. To enter the challenge, simply post your photograph under the appropriate post.

Important: When you post your photograph, include the name of the challenge you are entering (just in case you accidentally post the picture in the wrong place).

•••• Don’t forget the sign! Within the photo, your image must include a purebred dog and one of the following either downloaded from the link or handmade:

The “IPurebred Dogs” sign

The “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” sign 

The “I Lve My Purebred Dog” sign 

Any official National Purebred Dog Day item available here. 

NEW: You’ll have twenty-four (24) hours to post your photograph. The contest closes at midnight MST on May 1, 2024. No exceptions. See the map below to determine what time that is where you live:



In the days following May 1, judges will be evaluating the entries. The winner of each challenge will be announced on Facebook as it is determined.  If you are a winner, you must send us your e-mail address within three days so that we can connect you with the sponsor. You can contact us through private message on Facebook, or e-mail your address to

And that’s it, easy peasy!


3 thoughts on “How To Enter NPDD’s 2024 Photo Contest”

  1. How many contests can one person enter? I always forget that…What happens if you enter too many?

    • My entry is winds hedge, the Earl of Sellkirk, which is when is edge Harrison as Robin Hood written by sir Walter Scott.

  2. Why aren’t you make an entry so you can actually put in a photograph this is a poor website where is the place to attach the photo??
    My entry is when’s edge Earl of Huntingdon, or in this case it would be Robin Hood written by sir Walter Scott, who also wrote about the Dandie Dinmont for 250 years ago.

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