How to Meet a Breed?

Not long ago, we asked,”If you had the chance to meet and touch one breed you’ve never seen before, what would it be,” and the response was astounding. It lead us to think of additional ways you can meet a breed you’ve always wanted to see.

We love that so many of you are making connections on your own through our Purebred of Interest features. Perhaps one day NPDD, will be influential enough to encourage a “Meet the Breeds” event in every city and/or state, but until that day, a dog show may be the best way for you to see certain breeds. How do you find one near you?

The #AKC has an “events search” on its site that you may find helpful. If you click on the “conformation” tab, it will bring up a map of the United States. Click on your state to see where dog shows are occurring in your area. If you click on the “FSS Open Show Conformation” tab, it will bring up shows which offer classes for FSS breeds. These tend to be rarer breeds not yet fully recognized by the AKC. The other tabs are self explanatory and you can play around with them. 

One thought on “How to Meet a Breed?”

  1. Years ago when I was researching and wanted to meet a rare breed I would write to the national club and ask if there was anyone in my area I could contact to talk to. I got to meet a Karelian Bear Dog and Border Terriers (they were very rare in the US then) among others that way. With the Internet, I think it would be even easier to meet a breed this way now.

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