I Love You, Couch

“I love you, couch. You give us comfort, and we give you bare feet, back sweat, and Gordo’s everything. I love you, but sometimes you stink.” Thus begins the commercial selling Febreze Fabric Refresher with OdorClear technology.  The ad, part of the “Odor Odes” campaign, shows a man who professes his love for something that can get a little stinky: His couch. Also his Bullmastiff, apparently named “Gordo.”


26 thoughts on “I Love You, Couch”

  1. i adore this commericial…and the drooliius ceasar one …as well…ty…dogs x3

  2. I don’t believe she taking about the dog. She says we give you gordos not gordo which means its something other than the pooch

  3. The lady narrator is implying the stink of “dog ass & balls…” as the dog named Gordo, places his sweaty balls and ass on the couch pillow. Notice how the narrator pauses in speach as the dog sits down, and then finishes the sentence with the word “…everything.” When writing English, as in this TV commercial example, the word “everything” is related to the noun Gordo, which takes on as possessive…. meaning the …’s… in the word Gordo’s is ownership to the word “everything.” So, “everything” belonging to the dog is what is refered that stinks (ie. his balls & ass).

  4. thank you for clearing this up it was driving me crazy wondering what a gordos was.

  5. Isn’t it referring to LARGE males. Gordos. I don’t believe she means the dog because Gordo ends with “S”. It would be an S-less Gordo if she was referring to the dog. The implication is a little poor, but understood. Doesn’t Gordo mean fat in another language.

    • I thought the same thing at first. “Gordo” is Spanish for a heavyset person. It was the nickname for half my friends growing up as I grew up in a Hispanic community. But in this commercial the use of the apostrophe and the pause means the narrator is referring to the dog’s “everything”.

  6. This commercial stinks. Sorry to disagree with anyone. Marketing department couldnt come up with anything other than this as a campaign for a great product. Many many people are allergic to animals, so what are you doing to entice other people to buy your product? When people see animals in this commercial, they are not paying attention to the product being advertised. Who wants dog sweat and stink? Gross Febreeze people. Come up with something people can relate to. And definitely not stinky guest bathrooms. Who comes up with these campaigns? Wasted marketing/advertising dollars.

    • I agree. Who ever they pay for this marketing thing needs another job .. Their really bad with the job their doing . I could come up with a much better way then this stupid stuff. This is something a child would come up with . just saying .. Wake up

  7. Ok I have seen this commercial and Googled it for many months going crazy over what a “Gordo” was. I was having a completely irrational issue with this and not getting it.

    Finally, I read the scrolling words carefully (I’m usually listening w audio only). And it’s “Gordo’s….evertyhing”.

    It’s Gordo’s (Gordo is the name of the dog) feet, slobber, and…..every other body part Gordo puts on the coach. I can die at peace now.

    • LOL, K, thanks for sharing this with us, and admitting to what many of us try to keep under wraps: Obsessing over things we don’t fully understand. Now we can ALL die in peace!

    • Sorry, didn’t read the previous posts….yep…Winnipeg Rabbit nailed it. There’s no debate here, folks, the scrolling text (did they add that I don’t remember it?) says blah blah feet back sweat and Gordo’s……everything. (Gordo’s – apostrophe “s”) as the dog jumps on the coach, and yes, plops his doggie balls onto the couch.

  8. I see the Bull Massif, but in the last scent, is that the same dog or not? Just wondering?

    • We *thought* it was, Lisa, but now we’ll have to go back and look again!

  9. I agree. Who ever they pay for this marketing thing needs another job .. Their really bad with the job their doing . I could come up with a much better way then this stupid stuff. This is something a child would come up with . just saying .. Wake up

  10. New commercial saying some go to the woods for solitude. When?? Who has outhouse in the woods? Really Febreeze. Crap stinks we can all agree, but these commercials stink. Yes they stink, insult our intelligence as consumers. How about cooking smells, summer homes not used in the winter, lots of different ways to make your home smell better. Not just the crap smell, or dogs asses and balls on your couch. My coffee group met today and we have officially named ourselves the “stinkers”. One of the husbands came and took all our febreeze items and placed them at the local dump. We are now lysol folks. Febreeze you STINK. We stand by our decision to dump this CRAP.

  11. we miss Gordo. droolious Caesar doesnt measire up and the guest bathroom commercial is gross

  12. Finally i came to know what ‘Gordo” means in this commercial. God save me. Anyways thanks for awakening the world about it!!!

  13. Lighten up folks, this commercial is funny as hell, one of the best I’ve seen. Thanks for the laugh febreeze.

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