I Love You, Couch

“I love you, couch. You give us comfort, and we give you bare feet, back sweat, and Gordo’s everything. I love you, but sometimes you stink.” Thus begins the commercial selling Febreze Fabric Refresher with OdorClear technology.  The ad, part of the “Odor Odes” campaign, shows a man who professes his love for something that can get a little stinky: His couch. Also his Bullmastiff, apparently named “Gordo.”


4 thoughts on “I Love You, Couch

  1. i adore this commericial…and the drooliius ceasar one …as well…ty…dogs x3

  2. I don’t believe she taking about the dog. She says we give you gordos not gordo which means its something other than the pooch

  3. The lady narrator is implying the stink of “dog ass & balls…” as the dog named Gordo, places his sweaty balls and ass on the couch pillow. Notice how the narrator pauses in speach as the dog sits down, and then finishes the sentence with the word “…everything.” When writing English, as in this TV commercial example, the word “everything” is related to the noun Gordo, which takes on as possessive…. meaning the …’s… in the word Gordo’s is ownership to the word “everything.” So, “everything” belonging to the dog is what is refered that stinks (ie. his balls & ass).

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