In Honor of Tease, We Bring You “Cheeky Little Whippets”

It was a long day for a certain Crufts Best in Show winner and her owner today (and not for all the right reasons), but in their honor, we reprise a video that got nearly 100,000 views when we first posted it three years ago. Even today, people remember these “cheeky” little Whippets. We have to handle it to their owner, Paul Sinclair; we’re not sure we would have been capable of speech had we faced what he faced after Versace, Armani and Coco were done with his bed. Sadly, he received some ugly comments on You Tube, but the good natured chap simply responded that the video generated a new car, a house full of new furniture, and paid appearances on TV networks and radio. Good on him!

Thumbnail image from the Telegraph. See more images from Crufts here.

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