In Remembrance of North Carolina’s State Dog

In 2017, on a cold and rainy day in Hazelwood, North Carolina, a dedication was held for a public piece of art, “The Plott Hound” sculpted by artist Todd Frahm. The project was commissioned by the Waynesville Public Art Commission, but it had been in discussions long before there was a Public Art Commission because the Plott is the State Dog of North Carolina. Brought to Haywood County by the Plott family from Germany in the 1800s, the family has raising and training hunting dogs for more than 200 years. Today, Bob Plott is the steward of the heritage of both the people and the dogs who share his name.

Plott,public art,sculpture

The sketch

Of the bronze located in the Robert and Viola Forga mini-park in Hazelwood, the artist said: “I want this sculpture to be a meaningful tribute and to quietly integrate into people’s lives. I hope that kids walk by, rub its nose on the way to school or wherever they’re going, and it becomes a focal point in the area.”

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