It Started With a Present….

Walt wanted a dog, Lily, not so much. Walt was not to be deterred.

He brought home a book about different dog breeds and started to read it to Lily. When he got to the Chow Chow, Lily’s attention was captured. If they had to get a dog, a Chow Chow it would be.

Walt bought a Chow Chow soon after, but kept the puppy a secret until Christmas Eve. Walt put the youngster in a hatbox with a big ribbon and slipped it under the tree at the last minute. Lily, it’s true. was a bit disappointed when the box was put in her hands because she liked to buy her own hats. But then the box wiggled. And then it made sounds. And when the Chow Chow baby stuck his head out, Lily first shrieked in surprise, then fell in love. The puppy was named “Sunnee,” and he was never out of Lily’s sight again, so taken was she with her new young charge.

That’s the beginning of the “rest of the story.” The rest of the rest of the story is that this incident became the basis of a famous scene from a beloved movie. See, “Walt,” was Walt Disney, and Lily was his wife. The story went on to became the inspiration for Walt’s film Lady and the Tramp when “Lady” pops out of the hatbox on Christmas. It all started with a Chow Chow puppy.

Scene from Lady and the Tramp

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